This is She

This is she:
She is beautiful, no doubt about it.
She carries a strong laugh, vibrant and infectious.
She has a wide smile, lights up those around her.
Witty and charming at times, arrogant and rude otherwise.
A loving soul,
A caring heart,
Strong but tender,
A shoulder for others, loyal and fierce, a good friend.

She acts strong but she’s not,
She laughs loud but she’s sad.
She fights them off, the tears, but they are there no doubt.
She pretends she doesn’t care,
But inside quite insecure.
She used to do a lot, now she lost her groove, giving in to people’s say- those that matter not.
It may take a while to restore the strong inside.
Gather some guts, grab some balls, but she’s willing to try.
Why? Because she needs to be strong for herself too.
To break away from his mean grip on her. She can’t give him the power to break her anymore. For years he’s tormented her with his words, but she’s loved him so much she let him destroy her.
She needs to be strong again.
They think she is,
But inside she falls, crumbles, piece by piece.
Always seeking and wanting approval because he’s made her doubt her worth.

This is she.
She says she’s beautiful,
Not because she looked in the mirror,
Not because she knows its true,
Not because she believes it,
But because everyone says it.
She says it too, she’s expected to know it too.
Little do they know, she’s more broken than they.

I am a 21 year old with a passion for writing. Law student and young mom. Also founder of the Nilibeba Foundation, a pro-life initiative for young mothers and mentor too. Passionate about issues affecting women and children in our society. Lover of life & God's Girl.

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