KikeTalks: Conversation on Acceptable Violence on November 22nd at Alliance

 When is a violent act against women violent enough for us to pay attention? 
Violent burglaries are illegal but turn amusing when committed against celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Forms of speech (like hate speech) are recognized as violence but tweets directly to women threatening rape and death beget the response, “Just go offline”. Cutting off hands, as happened to Jacqueline Mwende, sparks national outrage, but domestic violence is still prevalent and tolerated. 
This conversational panel seeks to explore the line between acceptable and unacceptable, and thus, begin to understand what violence truly means. Moderated by Filmmaker/Writer and Feminist Activist, Mwende Ngao, the panel features Writer Feminist Activist and Aisha Ali, Human Rights Specialist and Lawyer, Aisha Onsando, and Gender Activist Rachael Mwikali, supported by a powerful performance from Poet Raya Wambui.
A wide ranging discussion, grounded in real-world examples, from Cyber Violence to Domestic Violence, we seek a practical understanding of the subject. A truly conversational panel, encouraging the audience to ask questions of its own, this talk is for for everyone who grapples with what violence truly is.

Kike Tele is an initiative that seeks to tell stories by and for African women with the aim to spark constructive conversations and inspire positive change.

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